The information on your computer is precious and is painful to replace if it is lost. Your photos, music, financial information, etc. are valuable to you and can be easily lost. The best backup solution is to back up on-line (or to the "cloud"). The solution you need depends on how much space you need.

Crash Plan

Crash Plan offers unlimited backup space for your computer and external hard drives. The Crash Plan + product runs about $3 per month for unlimited backup of your computer (a $6 per month backup for all of your computers is avalable). This is recommended if you have a large amount of pictures and music files that take up a lot of space.

Check your options HERE and please use the e-mail address of for the referral.


Carbonite offers single computer backup for around $5 per month. Carbonite does not allow you to backup external storage devices.


This is recommended if you do not have have a lot of files to backup. Keep in mind that the free version limits you to 2GB of space. They have a 50GB plan that runs about $6 per month.


External Hard Drive

Use an external hard drive to backup your information. It is recommended that you take the external hard drive to a physical location other than where the computer you are backing up is located. Further, a fireproof safe is recommended (however, under intense heat, your data could be damaged.

1TB Compact 2TB Regular FireProof Safe