Professional Services

Professional services are valuable to both individuals and businesses. However, professional services can be very costly and you might realize sub-optimal results if you are not organized and prepared to use professional services. Please contact the webmaster if you are interested at

Outsourced Audit Functions

Audits are required for multiple businesses to meet debt compliance needs, statutory regulations, shareholder needs, etc. Engaging an independent auditor can be very expensive. Hiring an independent, qualified professional on a contract basis can help to reduce the costs of your external auditors. An independent professional can prepare workpapers, organize audit requests, and perform audit testing at a fraction of what you would pay your external auditor.

Audit Letters

Occasionally, the taxing authorities may perform audits on your business' records. For example, many businesses receive sales and use tax audits demanding payment of taxes. Engaging a qualified professional can potentially lower this bill by evaluating the testing and extrapolation methodology utilized by the sales tax auditors. In the event you are being audited, you can benefit by engaging an independent consultant to perform an assessment and to do a lot of the leg work that is required to potentially reduce the amount you will have to pay.

Litigation Preparation

Attorneys are just as expensive, if not more so, than independent auditors. Hiring a consultant to prepare your records and do a lot of the leg work can reduce the amount that your attorney will potentially charge you. Clients that have organized records, facts, and documentation help the professional attorney to be more efficient.